Current Conditions

County Line Road Area near Fischer Park
68.5 °F
Feels like: 73.9 °F
High Low
82.9 °F 63.0 °F
SSW 203°
Speed Gust
0.9   1.1
Heat Index69.4 °F
Barometer29.956 inHg
Dew Point66.5 °F
Rain0.05 in  0.00 in/hr
Radiation0 W/m²
UV Index0.0
Sun & Moon

Waxing Gibbous
78% visible
South Weather CAM

Yesterday Data:

High 72.3 °F
Low 52.9 °F
Rain 0.00 in
High Gust 14 mph
Website News

Last Updated: 6/28/2019

Updated to new skin because Weewx_WD kept screwing up rainfalls on the display. This one is a bit lower in resource utilization, so it should be faster loading. The forecast is from DarkSky. I'm working on incorporating the NWS forecast.

This site is also now Mobile Friendly. You can add this as a webapp to your phone.

8 Day Forecast
Rainfall Informaton

6/27/2019 - 1.31 in per CoCoRaHS RG; 1.41 in WS
Starting 6/27/2019: -0.10 in electronic to CoCoRaHS

Weather Information

Rainy Start to 4th of July Week!

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High: 82.9 °F Low: 63.0 °F
Average Wind: 4 mph Highest Wind: 18 mph
Today's Rain: 0.05 in Highest Rate: 0.08 in/hr
High: 86.7 °F Low: 41.2 °F
Average Wind: 1 mph Highest Wind: 22 mph
Total Rain: 0.06 in Highest Rate: 0.08 in/hr
Recent Local Earthquake

7 km NE of Ames, Oklahoma
Magnitude 2.44
-98.1294 °
36.2946 °
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